Our Purpose

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It seems we, as Christians are increasingly in a battle in this society to keep as Jesus as the emphasis of our religious holidays.

Signs Of Easter  exists as a tool to put Christ and the Cross back into the forefront in our local communities this Easter.

Our simple Signs Of Easter yard sign Crosses allow Christians a visual outlet to proclaim their faith this Easter. Stake your ground and declare publicly in whom you and your house places their trust in this Easter.

Our goal is to have the Cross displayed in yards and neighborhoods across the Nation this Easter. We ask you to join with us in this cause and help the Cross take precedence over the secular symbols of Easter.

Your Church or Christian organization can purchase these Cross yard signs in bulk at discounted rates, with your name, logo, or information printed at the bottom.

Signs of Easter Crosses can be distributed many ways. Some are re-sold to Church members at cost, others are used by youth groups as a fundraiser for special projects, camps, mission trips, for various mission projects, or the general fund. Other Church’s simply fund this purely as a mission outreach tool and give the Crosses to their congregation, making a visual impact in yards and neighborhoods across their community for Christ at Easter.

Please prayerfully consider purchasing the Signs of Easter Crosses and joining us in this exciting, unique project of getting the Cross displayed across our nation for Easter!  Please keep us in your prayers as we embark upon this National effort.

The Signs of Easter crew